Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bespoke Wallpaper based on Ceramics - Minor Project

For my minor project I produced a collection of bespoke wallpaper designs based on the theme of ceramics. My finals collection consists of three lengths and five A1 size wallpaper samples, which I designed to fit into modern kitchens or in to modern restaurants or coffee shops. They are made up of a combination of techniques including print, machine stitch, cut out work and paper manipulation.

Here I have played with the idea of making some of my papers interactive, and have produced a few packets of self adhesive stickers to go with the design allowing the client to be able arrange the pattern the way they want.

I think these designs consisting of smashed plates and stacks of cups are really effective as the prints are simple and crisp. The delicate cut out work completes theses designs, this a technique I would like to experiment with more in the future.

This design is a favourite of mine, it’s really unique as it is pleated, I also love the intricate print. The print is based on a pile of ceramics, inspired by Clare Twomey’s Monument, an artwork which was exhibited at Mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art).

Here are four more of my finals. They include 'Large Text Patchwork', 'Small Text Cups, 'Small Pile of Plates' and 'Large Pile of Plates'.

My Inspiration

In the white room by Tracy Kendall. Taken from 'The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper'.

Bespoke wallpaper designer Tracy was a huge influence to me in this project. In october 2009 I was lucky enough to go to London and work with her for a week. It was a brilliant experience and I learnt lots, I came back to uni full of ideas and knowing that wallpaper design was what I wanted to do for definite.

My work space/wall of inspiration.

Here are a selection of some of my drawing sheet for my minor project, they include a mixture of techniques and medias including paint, pencil sketch, embroidery, collage, cut out work and 3D drawings created using paper.