Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sketchbook Update

I am attached to my little sketchbook, it will be difficult parting with it and sending it away in January. It has become my source of inspiration for the current collection of products which I am working on. It's now used as my ideas book in which I can experiment with patterns and techniques. Once completed and sent away on The Sketchbook Project Tour, I plan to buy a new book so that I can continue producing a little book of ideas.

Exciting Times

On August 1st I was handed the keys to my very own studio. The studio is just one of 10 adjoined to Saltburn Gallery. I am really enjoying having my own space and also being part of Saltburn Artists’ Projects. For more information about Saltburn Artists’ Project take a look at the website below.
Since getting the keys to my studio I have been very busy. I spent the first couple of weeks painting it and moving my things in.
I then went away to Ireland for two weeks on my work placement. Since returning I have bought my furniture and moved in fully and have just completed my first few weeks working in my own space and I love it.
Along with entering competitions and applying for other interesting opportunities, I am currently working on my first collection of products, including cushions and wall panels, which I am aiming to exhibit in "Off the Shelf", a selling exhibition at Saltburn Gallery starting in November. I hope to also do a few print workshops in a local primary sometime before the end of the year.