Friday, 29 January 2010

The Start of my Final Major Project!

Concept Board
My Concept
Continuing on from the theme of ceramics, the concept on which my Minor Project was based, I am focusing on decorative ceramics, tiles and mosaic to create an interior collection.This will involve studying patterns and designs on antique, precious ceramics as well as studying both modern and traditional tiles and mosaic’s patterns.
Pixilation is another idea I am playing with, inspired by artists Gerhard Richter and Ellsworth Kelly, both of which have created work consisting of square blocks of solid colour, reminiscent of mosaic patterns.Creating imagery made up from squares or mosaic shaped pieces is also something I am also exploring. I am experiment with doing this by using paper to collage, cutting my drawings up, mixing up the pieces and putting them back together again, I may also do it digitally, taking inspiration from artists such as David Hockney.

In my drawing sheets I am focusing mainly on collage and cut out work. I am using a variety of media’s including gouache, pencil, coloured pencils and fine liners, as well as machine stitch. I don’t want my drawing sheets to be completely flat, I want them to be 3D and textured. 

Here is a selection of some of my first drawing sheets -

At the end of my Final Major Project I aim to produce a mixture of wallpapers, bespoke 3D wallpaper, interactive wallpaper, including stickers, and some commercial papers which will be printed in repeat. I hope for my final collection to consist of two, possibly three lengths and the rest as A1 size samples. I also hope to have a number of my own decorative ceramics on display, featuring my own designs. I am currently taking a short course in ceramics which is one night a week for six weeks. By the end of this I hope to have gained experience in how to create my own ceramic but more importantly decorate them. I want to learn how to transfer my own imagery onto my own ceramic forms which I will have created myself.

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