Monday, 21 March 2011

Fromental Placement

Just this weekend I have returned home from a short but brilliant placement in London with top wallpaper design company Fromental. Fromental wallpapers are entirely hand-made, with the pattern redesigned to perfectly fit the clients room. The composition, colours and techniques are tailored to meet individual requirements. Fromental use a combination of painting and hand-embroidery, skills honed by Chinese artists over hundreds of years. The wallpapers are available in a range of colourways on silk and opulent, lacquer-effect backgrounds. Their beautiful and luxurious wallpapers adorn some of the most prestigious commercial and residential properties across the globe.

There are three distinct collections, ranging from traditional through to entirely contemporary. These are -
The Chinoiserie Collection
20th Century Collection

Chinoiserie Collection - incorporates a number of designs in a range of styles from soft, delicate 18th Century tones, through to bold, monochromatic and super modern 'pop' colourways.

20th Century Collection - comprises eligant floral and conversational pieces, sophisticated supergraphics and chic designs for children's rooms.

Roomskins - employs the same painstaking techniques to create a variety of subtly repeating motifs and interesting textures, refined and luxurious backdrops to any room.
 It has been a privilege to work and spend time with Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes, the directors of Fromental who have previously worked in fashion and interiors and have nearly twenty years experience in designing, producing and restoring hand-made wallpaper. My time at Frometal has been both hugely informative and inspiring. Thanks to everyone there, especillay to Lizzie for inviting me and giving me the amazing opportunity.
For more images and information about Fromental take a look at their website -

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